I can say Yes.

I woke up this morning and had made the decision to execute what I said last night. I told Madison I would: Meditate, Read my bible plan, and go for a run. Three simple actions. I have done the first two occasionally off and on but never all three. I got tired of my tomorrow crutch. Days have been floating by with no forward progression. This bothered me that I was in the same place. Areas in my life have be stationary for to long. Starting courses, reading plans, book, you name it is the easy action. Following through on a small gradual step is hard. In a time where everything is fulfill me now in this moment gradual improvement is different. Watching a movie part by part slowly over months would be not be fun. I am working to be content in the small progression. Reveal in the daily victories of being disciplined. With blogging, I always think this or that would be a good post. I never simply put something out there. It is weird that the act of execution to me is better than in action. Here is me taking a step to continue blogging.