Slow Down

Awhile back, I deleted Facebook and ESPN apps from my phone. My intention was to slow down my intake of information. Notifications would constantly bring me back to my phone. I have begun to notice a difference of less screen time. Now, I am taking another step and mediating every morning with Calm. This has formed into a morning routine to help clear my mind. Step by step, I have gained a quieter, and more focused headspace.

With the silence, I can turn my attention to reading, learning, and being more engaged. I found it immensely easier to read in peace without distractions nagging at me like the score to the Packers playoff game. This strategy paired with my decision to focus on learning one or two sources at a time has improved my learning process.

These decisions to distant myself from the never ending info stream will continue to improve my life. For now, the two ways I talked about are turning the volume of distractions down in my head. In the future, I hope to find other ways to take it even further.