Most areas of my life involving solving some kind of problem. One kind could be an internal struggle to make sense of tangled thoughts in my head. A common one for me is a software bug. I'm presented with bits of a point in time where software performed incorrectly. Screenshots, steps to reproduce, and a short description are given and it's my job to hunt down the error and fix it. I'd be lying to you if I told you I did not enjoy the process of figuring out the broken piece of code deep down. It can be extremely frustrating at times and rewarding at others. Problem solving is a valuable skill. Doing is the best way to learn this for me. Luckily, my profession has websites with coding challenges. Through learning code, I have learned that there is nothing like actual solving problem. For example, I sometimes have to create new features for work. Most of the work is surrounded with the plan & idea of execution. Once it comes down to it, writing the code is the easiest part by far. It's thinking about the how that requires more thought.